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Watch this video as Phillip shares how the Every Man’s Battle
sex addiction workshop was a part of his healing journey.

When I first heard of this workshop, I thought I wasn’t going to get much out of it. And when I first met everyone, I thought to myself that I don’t trust these people and I’m not sure how this is going to go. EMB has ended up being one of the greatest events of my life. It has done so much for me and I have made some wonderful brothers.” – Scott
I am grateful that the focus was truly upon my heart’s condition. I have tried a variety of strategies in the past and failed. I have recently come to understand that I cannot “white knuckle” this and beat it in my own strength. I am walking away hopeful for true renewal and restoration.” – Daron
To everyone around me, and everyone in my life I was the perfect guy, with the perfect job, the perfect wife, and the perfect life. The weight on my soul of being such a fraud and being so broken inside was almost too much to bear. I truly feel in my heart that God allowed my life to be devastated to get me to this workshop to free me of my burden and to draw me close to Him. I will never be able to fully describe how lifted my soul feels now.” – Zach
This group and workshop has brought so much clarity to my addiction. Even though I have been in recovery for 2½ years and spent 2 years in weekly addiction class therapy, this has opened my eyes to things I learned but truly didn’t understand, such as the addictive cycle and the rituals and how easy it was to fall back in after 2 years. There was so much I didn’t see until this workshop.” – Gary
I would go to this workshop every year if I could. Every man should attend this workshop even if they don’t struggle with sexual addiction.” – Tom
This battle has consumed my life until this weekend.” – Steve
My goal was primarily restoration of my marriage. After going through the weekend, I realize now that it’s about restoring my soul.” – Aaron
I have been living with my secrets for 30 plus years while failing time and again to stop and all the while them getting worse. For the first time, I have learned more about why it is happening, developing an action plan to change, and creating a network of support.” – Brad
Walking into EMB was difficult, but I knew that in order to get help, I had to open up. That was what I did. I met 8 new family members–8 brothers I never knew I had until Christ brought us together this weekend.” – Jose
I can say that I was initially shocked at the expense of the workshop and it almost stopped me from coming. Once I realized how much time, effort and money I had spent on my indiscretions, I changed my mind. I am so thankful that I did! In fact, I wish I had been coming twice a year for the last 10 or more years! It has been just that good.” – James
I now have hope like never before that I can be sexually pure as a single man and that this is an act of worship. The idol of pornography has been an obstruction in my life and now I have hope, even expectation, that this idol will be destroyed.” – James
I learned that the real problem for me is the shame that causes isolation and damages the intimacy God designed for my marriage. I’ve lived quietly with this struggle for close to 50 years, 37 of them as a believer and there is finally hope for my victory. I thank God for New Life Ministries.” – Martin
The load I bore for 43 years was never meant for me to bear. Alone, desperate, cold, and abandoned my loving spouse reached out to EMB for help. Because of the safety of my brothers, I let go and told all my darkest secrets. They received me unconditionally and poured life back into my brokenness. Today, I know that I am worthy, forgiven, and victorious in Christ!” – Aaron
The degree of acceptance and non-judgmental love that I received from the staff as I arrived for this weekend opened the door of receptivity in my soul.” – Stan

I was fortunate enough to have a family member who had attended EMB. His testimony of the men he met and the community/connection he received is what compelled me to come. I have longed for the opportunity to connect with men who are in this battle.

I leave here convinced of 3 things:

1. My wife is not crazy. I am.
2. I need connection with others if I am to succeed.
3. This is not a “quick fix” but an invitation to walk in holiness for the long haul.” – Dennis

I was surprised at the power of relationship. How strange is it that you put a bunch of strangers together and eventually they share more than if they were brothers. Obviously you guys know what you are doing. God bless you all!

Workshop Speaker:

Jason Martinkus

Presenter at Every Man's Battle

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