Who We Are

New Life Ministries serves the emotional, spiritual, and relational needs
of people across the nation.

If you’re hurting, we can help. We have the resources to help you take your life back
and move toward healing and a new life.

“To anyone considering attending this workshop, I’d say it’s the most straight forward, holistic information on marriage, intimacy and sex I have ever seen.”

Sue, an attendee of Intimacy in Marriage

“I have been living with my secrets for 30 plus years while failing time and again to stop and all the while them getting worse. For the first time I have learned more about why it is happening, developing an action plan to change, and creating a network of support.”

Jack, an attendee of Every Man's Battle

“Before coming to Lose it For Life I was frustrated and disappointed in myself. This workshop has been much more life-changing that I thought possible. Something inside me has been released and replaced with peace and joy.”

Jill, an attendee of Lose it For Life

“My life felt like it had blown-up! Forty two years of my husband lying about his pornography addiction left me frozen in despair. I had no support. This weekend has been illuminating, and such a relief to be able to talk to other women about it who know about my pain. I know that I will be okay. The road is long but I don’t have to travel it alone.”

Jennie, an attendee of Women in the Battle

“This workshop has been eye opening about why and where we get our active personalities from. Everything you thought you knew about yourself and your wife is not exactly what you think it is. I am leaving the workshop with a better love and appreciation for my spouse.”

Michael, an attendee of Marriage Solution

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